Get It Right the First Time!

Pharmaceutical Product Development:

Intelligent Solutions for Challenging Issues

Get It Right!
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Get It Right!
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Get the right drugs to the right patients at the right time!

Improve your odds of success in pharmaceutical product development - get products that should be in the market there faster with less expense while eliminating products that shouldn’t be on the market.

Get It Right the First Time! covers all aspects of pharmaceutical product development from planning to market approval.

Along the way, you will learn . . .

  1. The key contexts in which all development is conducted

  1. To create a product label that drives and guides development

  1. How Good Clinical Practices enhance sound development

  1. The key aspects of practical clinical trial design

  1. How clinical & non-clinical elements fit into development

  1. To manage programs with effective clinical operations and outsourcing

  1. How clinical and non-clinical data contribute to regulatory submissions

  1. Crucial aspects of human subject protection and trial safety

  1. Value enhancement through strategic development options

  1. New trends & technologies that will change future development

Get It Right the First Time!


Bernard D. King (Author)

List Price:  $89.95